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Information on the Purchase of Photographic Prints

There is no shopping cart on this website. I believe that the purchase of an original photographic print is a very special transaction, which is enhanced by the interaction of real people.

About the Prints

All of my original prints are crafted to the highest standards of archival photographic printing. I do various techniques of alternative processes such as platinum/palladium, cyanotype and VanDyke Brown. As these are contact printing processes, the print is the same size as the negative, usually a minimum of 4x5. I also create enlarged negatives using traditional, archival darkroom techniques. In addition, contemporary state-of-the-art digital technology alows me to create exquisite, archival carbon pigment prints on beautifully textured printmaking paper. Images, both color and black&white, are created on the Epson 2200. All prints are signed and archivally overmatted using natural white museum board.

A Guide to Sizes and Pricing
(Image sizes are approximate)

4x5 image, 11x14 mat
Alternative process print: $150
Digital print: $75

7x10 image, 14x17 mat
Alternative process print from enlarged negative: $250
Digital print: $125

11x14 image, 16x20 mat
Alternative process print from enlarged negative: $350
Digital print: $175

Prints from Hex Camera negative
Alternative process prints only
13" x 6" Platinum/palladium, 20 x 16 mat: $400

Contact Me

I appreciate your interest in my work.  I welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you may have, as well as to facilitate your purchase of prints. Please email me using the email address below. I apologize for not having it linked, but due to the irresponsible and malicious actions of the "klez" and other virus perpetrators, I have had to remove the link.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Send comments, questions and remarks to: jkapoor@jankapoor.net
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