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Recent Pinhole Photographs by Jan Kapoor

The Showcase School Gallery will
feature the work of Jan Kapoor in October 2007
in conjunction with
Atlanta Celebrates Photography. 

The opening reception with the artist is on

Friday, October 12 from 6:30-9:30pm.

Jan Kapoor has been involved in fine art photography for many years; her primary interests being landscape, natural abstraction and still life.  She prints extensively in alternative processes including cyanotype and platinum/palladium.  Computer technology is another important creative took in her work.  Kapoor used medium and large format cameras, including several handcrafted by her, and has been drawn to specialize in pinhole imagery for the past several years.  She finds that pinhole is most expressive of the imperceptible passage of time, making visible that which is invisible to the ordinary eye, and of the mystery of non-human life which surrounds us.


This solo exhibition features work from two concurrent still life series:


“Ex Libris” is a group of autobiographical images, featuring books and other objects related to themes and ideas central to the artist’s inner life, made with a handmade 5x7 pinhole camera., and utilizing  historic printing processes including cyanotype and platinum/palladium.


“Dreamtime” is a series of still life images, made with a 3-pinhole camera, which imaginatively blend disparate and/or associated elements to suggest a dreamlike story or idea.



The exhibit will hang through mid-December.

Please call for gallery hours at 404.965.2205.

The Showcase School of Photography Gallery
1135 Sheridan Road, Atlanta, GA 30324


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