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Oakland Series
Images made with a hexagonal pinhole camera

Oakland Cemetery, located in Atlanta, GA, was founded in 1850, and is the final resting place of all classes of Atlanta society, from the poorest to the most wealthy. Notables include Margaret Mitchell, Bobby Jones, the founding fathers of Atlanta, and many former Atlanta mayors, including Maynard Jackson. In the Victorian era, when Oakland was at its heyday, visiting the cemetery was a popular weekend activity. Family members would come to tend graves, garden on their lots, and visit with friends and neighbors. Oakland remains an active part of Atlanta life, used not only as a cemetery but as a park for strolling and jogging. The Historic Oakland Foundation is actively engaged in the preservation and restoration of the cemetery, and also conducts regular interpretive tours of the grounds, gardens and monuments.

As can be imagined, it is a fantastic place to photograph: thousands of photographs of varying quality and viewpoints have been made over the years of Oakland's existence. I feel that, with my hexagonal pinhole camera, I am finally able to explore and express the mystery, richness and complexity of this beautiful place.

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Oakland Series, #1

Oakland Series, #2 

Oakland Series, #3

Oakland Series, #4

Oakland Series, #5

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