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Color Pinhole Images

Click on any of the small images to see a large version.

The images in this section of my color portfolio were made with a pinhole body cap on a 35mm Minolta X700. Except for the Blue Hydrangea, all images were with the camera hand-held, exposures in the range of 1 to 8 seconds.
It is possible to see a very faint image through the viewfinder, so one can do some rather rudimentary composing.

Ceramic Face

Fallen Head

Let There Be Light

In The Garden

Serpent In The Garden

Abstract, #1

Blue Hydrangea

Pink Hydrangea

The images below are the result of my initial experimentation with color pinhole imaging using color negative film.  Most of the images were made with Fujicolor Professional 800 color negative 120 film, rated at 400 ISO, exposed in the Olpe 6x9cm Pinhole Camera.  It's pretty incredible that images like these can come out of what is essentially a cardboard box!

Cactus #1

Cactus #2

Cactus #3




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