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Fragmented Images 
of the Natural World

This installation was first shown at Georgia State University in May 2001 in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a Bachelor of Fine Art in Photography.

The scroll sets are stored in partitioned clamshell boxes which I made using book board, two types of Japanese paper, and black raw silk bookcloth from Japan. The boxes were displayed as part of the installation, along with a visitor book covered with the same raw silk bookcloth as the boxes.

So far, there are five sets of scrolls, of which three were hung in this installation.


 Fragmented Images of the Natural World

Artist Statement, May 2001
 Jan Kapoor

This body of work reflects my abiding interest in the natural world, and in the fragmented way in which we tend to see the world around us. More often than not, we lack the patience to really observe natural phenomena.  We catch tantalizing glimpses of details here and there, but fail to put them all together into a unified whole.

The idea of fragmented perception is furthered in this work by the physical structure of the images, each of which consists of a sequence of five hanging scrolls, each section slightly separated from the others.  As the viewer approaches an image, and focuses on a small area of just one scroll, the appearance of recognizable reality fades; abstraction increases.  In this way the work also evokes the elusive, imperfect character of the natural world, the elements of which are in a continual state of metamorphosis.

As the scrolls hang freely from the ceiling, trembling with the slightest breath of air, the translucent quality of the material suggests ephemerality and fragility.  The non-archival nature of the inks used in printing also contributes to the ideas of ephemerality, impermanence and metamorphosis.  Over time, the images will undoubtedly change, perhaps to fade partially or even disappear completely from view.

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